About Our Nappy Subscription

Parents get understandably squeamish about planned purchase and buying by budget-conscious diapers because no one wants to skimp on such a necessary item. Space4baby totally gets this dilemma and has come through for parents with diapers that are affordable and reliable. 

PlanetCare Nappies Subscription gives you a compelling, guilt-free choice for responsible parenting! We aim to give you, and your baby, the best value and comfort with a nappy that doesn’t just cover the baby’s bottom, but also protects the environment. 

Sign up to a nappy subscription with PlanetCare Nappies and save money and efforts on Space4baby to support Australian Family Owned Nappy Brand.


Nasty Chemicals


Hours highly absorbent


Days Delivery


Days 60% components biodegrade

Soft and Gentle on Your Growing Baby

Many disposable nappies contain toxic levels of harmful chemicals, plus other ingredients that can damage your baby’s delicate skin.  Often, they are made without consideration for the sustainability of the environment.

By choosing nappies from Space4baby you can relax, knowing that you are purchasing a high-quality product that will keep your baby safe and comfortable, is made from renewable sources and that you are helping to protect Earth’s future.

It's our unique ultra-absorbent design and gentle on skin material make our nappies perfect for babies of all ages. It holds over 900ml of liquid, which is drawn away from the skin, so it stays dry and rash free. Happy bums = happy mums! These biodegradable nappies are made with high quality materials, no nasties, and lots of love.
Our nappies are at the forefront of research into biodegradability. Unlike conventional disposable nappies which are estimated to take around 150 years to break down, 60% of a PlanetCare nappy will have biodegraded within 90 days, and the remainder in less than 3 years.
Our nappies are made with non-woven bamboo fibre. Gentle on baby’s skin, bamboo fibre is the perfect choice for a convenient, yet sustainable product.
Free from chlorine, alcohol, nasty preservatives, phthalates, fragrance, latex, PVC, TBT, formaldehyde and antioxidants*.

*Generally, when we talk about antioxidants, we are referring to those food groups high in antioxidants and their associated health benefits.  However, there are actually two vastly different groups of antioxidants.  Firstly, those naturally occurring compounds occurring in food with their associated health benefits and, secondly industrial chemicals that are added to products to prevent oxidation. Industrial antioxidants are added to food and cosmetics as a preservative, and to substances such as rubber and synthetic plastics to inhibit oxidation and extend their lives.

How does Subscription Services work?

Based on your baby’s age, we adjust the size and quantity of your subscription. We ship on 15th and if your usage and needs differ from our program please contact us by 13th and we will help with altering your package. To adjust your subscription, please click here and select “Make Change to My Subscription”

For Alterations

For new Subscriptions

Our promises

  1. Free Shipping Guarantee. Enjoy our monthly Free-shipping for subscription for Melbourne Zone.
    Note: Website (*$150 / *$400) Free shipping product also applies, we will ship the items together with your monthly subscription, and you don’t have to pay extra for shipping fee.
  2. Perfect Fit Guarantee. Stress-free, take the stress out of choosing the right size for your baby. If you get the wrong nappies, or they don’t fit as you hoped, we will refund every cent or exchange them free of charge. Our goal is to make mums no longer have to worry about what size and stock your baby’s nappy. Space4baby will provide them according to your baby’s growth line.
  3. Flexible change Guarantee, you can easily change your nappy size before our cut-off day every month to let the subscription grow with your baby.
  4. Never run out, we will send your nappy subscription every month

How many?

Our research tells us the nappy we use is depending on your baby’s age, here is the list how many we provide.

0 – 4 month+ 300 nappies / Month

5 – 11 month+ 250 nappies / Month

12 month+ 200 nappies / Month

Your card is charged automatically every time before a new pack is sent out.

Please choose a subscription plan


I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do that?

Thank you very much for supporting our vision for a better future. If you’ve had any problems with our products, please contact our customer service team([email protected]) who would love to help resolve any issues at our best. Or if your bub has simply grown up and you no longer require nappies, we’d appreciate your feedback, and don’t forget to refer a friend who might enjoy a discount off their first order and you would get aventure energy for your next purchase. 

Then go ahead and log in to your account (My Account, at the top right of the website), select your active subscription and select Manage Settings. Select Cancel Subscription, and please be sure to let us know your reasons for cancelling.

I want to update my bub’s weight to get a perfect fit size for the next time, how do I do that?

Either contacting us by whatsapp service account or via email [email protected], please make sure you contact us by 13th of each subscribed month.

Would you inform me what is included in my next monthly box.

Yes, sure. We will email you what size of nappy and how many nappy and wipe(if applied) will be included in your next monthly box by 10th of each subscribed month.

When do you deliver my subscription?

We dispatch all monthly boxes on the 15th of each subscribed month, and our orders typically take 1-5 business days for Metro areas and 3-7 business days for Regional areas. During COVID-19 our deliveries have been experiencing delays and we will keep you informed of the progress of your order.

I have a question you haven’t answered here.

if you have any questions that we haven’t answered here, please check our general FAQ here or send a message to our helpful customer service team, either contacting us by whatsapp service account or via email [email protected] they will be able to help you out promptly.


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